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Can Hebrew draw you closer to G-D? In this mini-course, you will learn secrets about the Hebrew language that few people know!  

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What type of gifter are you? Take a quick peak inside this brief and funny video about how we solve the gift giving conundrum!



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25 Day Online Course

Hebrew Alphabet

For students new to learning Hebrew, this course is a great place to begin and is required in order to proceed to the Beginner's Alef course.

5 Week Online Course

Beginner Alef

After learning the Hebrew alphabet, this learn at your own pace course gives students instant access to thier own video library.

5 Week Live & Online Course

Beginner Alef

Get ready to fast track learning Hebrew with both LIVE Classes and Pre-Recorded Modules with short, easy to follow videos.  


Meet Kim Johnson.

Classes are taught by Jewish and Israeli Studies expert Kim Johnson, with over twenty-five years of experience, ensuring your success!  

Kim understands the struggle of learning a new language, especially Hebrew! Her unique approach has you reading through the first chapter of Bereshit (Genesis) in less than 5 weeks, even if you never learned Hebrew before!


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What Our Students Say


I love learning Hebrew through the videos. It's such a refreshing experience!

Sarah S.
/ Illinois

The class is wonderful, you make Hebrew easy to learn!

Zach S.
/ Hawaii

“I have thoroughly enjoyed these Hebrew classes. Kim, you are an amazing instructor, you make it very easy to understand and follow, so informative, energetic, leaves you wanting to dig in deeper. Looking forward to the next level! ”

Denise H.
/ Illinois


Here's what you will receive when you enroll in one of the Let's Learn Hebrew courses. 

Instant Access

After enrolling, you will receive instant access to the online course library so you can begin right away!

Video Replays

You can participate in the live Zoom classes and rewatch the class to ensure you understand the material.

Course Library

When you sign up for the class, you will receive your own login and personal library where all your classes and content are stored.

Exercise Handouts

Regardless of which course you enroll in first, you will receive worksheets and exercise downloads that you can print at home.

Guided Exercises

Whether you learn at your own pace by enrolling in the online-only course or the live group classes, you will receive excellent guided training from one of our course instructors. 

Tutoring Available

When a little extra help is needed, we offer group or personal tutoring in our Community Lounge.

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Get Your Free Introductory Mini-Course!

Start your Hebrew journey today! Learn how Hebrew can draw you closer to G-D!