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Learn the Amazing Hebrew Alphabet!

Have you ever thought "I would love to read Hebrew?"  If so, now is the time to make it happen!  

Learning Hebrew with my new Skillsetts™ Method is EASY!  

  • E-SMART Content that gives you the tools to overcome any learning barrier,  
  • A-SIMPLE Step by Step training videos that enable you to learn Hebrew from scratch!
  • S-STRATEGIC Motivation & Accountability using WhatsApp Text and Email Learning
  • Y-SUITABLE & fun for you! 

Even if you have never learned one Hebrew letter, you will be reading Hebrew words in your first lesson!  

My Skillsetts™ Method empowers you to learn Biblical Hebrew from scratch in easy to learn, time efficient, training sessions that create optimal results! And, lessons are accompanied by daily motivational triggers and short exercises, and cool accountability checks that take you only minutes per day! 

How Will You Learn?

1. Get Instant Access and Start Watching the Training Videos

2. Get Connected to our WhatsApp Chat for Accountability & Motivation

3. Get Connected to our Hebrew Community for Q&A, Live Sessions, and Hebrew Helps

Learning the Hebrew Alphabet is the first step to growing closer to G-D, Israel, a Jewish understanding of Scripture! 

What Will You Learn?  

  • How to recognize, read and write the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet  
  • The Hebrew Vowel System

What will You Receive?

  • Instant Access to Your Course
  • 15 easy to follow video and audio lessons 
  • Easy to follow Worksheets & Exercises
  • Access to our Hebrew Community 
  • Access to our Alphabet WhatsApp Chat for Motivation & Q&A assistance no matter which lesson you are on!

 When placing your order, make sure to check subscribe to email list so you can receive our inspireisrael news and Hebrew updates!  

What People Are Saying:

“OMG! I never thought I could learn Hebrew, and now I am reading it! Thanks Kim you're an amazing Instructor! ”

Denise H.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed these Hebrew classes. Kim, you are an amazing instructor, you make it very easy to understand and follow, so informative, energetic, leaves you wanting to dig in deeper. Looking forward to the next level! ”

Dea S.

“Learning Hebrew has opened my eyes to a world of things I never new about in the Bible or about God. ”

Richard K.